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General Meeting

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Training Course

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Thematic Workshop

Water Allocation and Water Rights (1st-4th)

Sustainable Management for Water Resources Infrastructure (1st-4th)

Water-Related Disaster and Its Management in Asian Countries (1st-3rd)


NARBO Events in 2011

NARBO 1st IWRM Executive Retreat(1st)

International Seminar on Corporate RBOs in Asia

International Workshop on Water and History


NARBO Promotion

The 2nd Southeast Asia Water Forum (Aug 2005)


7th World Water Forum

Regional Process session
   INR.3.4.AP SMART Implementation of IWRM
   Date & Venue :April 13,2015(Mon) 14:40~16:10

Thematic Process session
   3.4.4. Knowledgebase for IWRM
   Date & Venue :April 14,2015(Tue) 17:00~19:00