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Twinning Program

1. Brief report on twinning program

The twinning program which is one of the main activities of NARBO for sharing information was implemented between Japan Water Agency (JWA) and Indonesian NARBO this year. In the program of this year, firstly JWA dispatched 4 staffs to Indonesia from May 14th – 25th, and then Indonesian NARBO dispatched 4 staffs to Japan from June 11th – 25th.Through this program, the elaborate action for improvement of the water resources management in both has been formulated concretely.

Following year of 2005, the twinning program had been implemented. The aim of this program in 2006 is to promote the improvement of system of sharing experiences for water resources management and technology by the close collaboration of practitioners of both.

For this, the site visit to know the actual situation was concentrated in the program. Staffs dispatched from JWA visited site in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Yogyalarta, whereas staffs from Indonesia visited sites of Tone weir, Urayama dam and Toyo canal project.

Through these visits, the background of current and future issues has been made clear, and we recognized we would continue the collaboration for both. Especially, both have installed appropriate technology to meet the needs of peoples at the practitioners’ point of view.
We are convinced that this program will give much profit to others. Your joining to this program will be anticipated.

>> An experience in the 2006's Twinning Program - Reported by Aris Harnanto, Jasa Tirta I, Indonesia

>> About History of Toyogawa Canal

2. The dispatched persons
(1) From JWA to Indonesian NARBO

Mr. SHINDOU Hiroyuki Director, International Affair Division
Mr. ISHIMURA Shinobu Vice Resident Representative of Chiba Canal Project Office
Mr. OCHII Yasuhiro Director, 2 nd Design Division, Chubu- Regional headquarter
Mr. SUGIURA Masahiro Senior Engineer, International Affair Division

(2) From Indonesian NARBO to JWA

Mr. Irwan Syafri Researcher in River Engineering, Research Centre for River engineering, Directorate General for Research and Development, Ministry of Public Works
Aris Harnanto Chief of Research and Development Bureau, Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation
Herman Idrus Chief of Research and Development Bureau, Jasa Tirta II Public Corporation
Bekty Sudarmanto Chief of WR Institution Section, Directorate of Water Resources Management, Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works

Appropriate Technology
Mini-hydropower generation developed Research Center of Water Resources (RCWR) in Bandung. This prototype generation has been disseminated step by step in Indonesia. All equipment and material are procured in the local market and the cost is not so expensive.

Intake weir in Semarang Ms. Rani (Right) is the head of Balai PSDA in Yogyakarta and she reported the affected situation by earthquake on May 2006. (see more in the record of activity)
Hydraulic model test in research center of water resources in Bandung
(Lodan Dam Spillway)
In the gallery of Urayama Dam Entrance of Toyo canal project office (around 1.5 hours from Tokyo by Bullet Train (Shinkansen))

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