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Information on
the NARBO 10th Year Anniversary in Philippines

(Nov, 2014)
Closed application !

 10 years have passed since the establishment of NARBO. In this decade, our society has drastically been changed due to economic growth, innovation of technologies and impact of climate change. As the progress of our society, IWRM in Asia has also been developed. NARBO contributed to its development through our steady activities with support and contribution of member organizations. A Chinese proverb says 'Continuance of 10 years is great. Continuous of 20 years is incredible. After 30 years, it becomes a history.' NARBO has achieved wonderful results in this decade, and it's high time to summarize what we have achieved. However, we have many things to be addressed and improved through NARBO and need to consider its sustainability to remain in history.


 Based on these backgrounds, NARBO will have a 10th anniversary event on 19-20 November, 2014 in Manila to foresee IWRM in Asia of next decade by reviewing our achievement and lesson learnt. Please see the 1st announcement and note the day of the event. Following announcement which introduces the detailed program and logistic information will be released later. We look forward to seeing you in Manila next month.

Please see the attachment files.


1st Announcement Final _6 Oct_.pdf (219KB)

2td Announcement Final _23 Oct_.pdf (600KB)