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Twinning Program


The 1st Staff exchange between MARD of Viet Nam and JWA


Between Viet Nam NARBO and Japan Water Agency (JWA), MOU and agreement were concluded on 15th March 2008. Then, the provision of exchange of personnel on Twinning Program between Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Viet Nam and JWA was also agreed and signed.


Courtesy Call in HQ of JWA
Presentation on Water Resources
Management of Viet Nam

The Program aims at sharing information to solve problems as well as contributes toward an improvement of IWRM. Developing good relationship between Viet Nam NARBO and JWA is also an important objective.

Mr. Toan, Mr. Tuan and Dr. Nga from MARD were dispatched to Japan from 17th November 2008 to 6th December 2008. They were based at the headquarters of JWA. They studied RBOs of Japan and visited two (Tone and Yodo) river basins, some O&M (for dam, canal, and lake) offices and canal construction project office.

At the end of Twinning Program, they reported results of their study at JWA. They returned to Viet Nam with fruitful experience and good friendship with JWA. We are proud of the successful launch of the first Twinning Program, and are hoping to continue encouraging this program.


Site Visit (Hitokura Dam O&M Office)
Site Visit (Gunma Canal Reconstruction Project)