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The 7th Training Program (Sri Lanka) (2012)

Day 1

Lighting Traditional Oil Lamp

Welcome Speech


Keynote Speech

Secretary MI&WRM

Speech by Embassy of Japan,

Mr.Suguru Minoya, Head of Economic Cooperation Section

Keynote Speech, UNESCO,

Mr.Kazuaki Yoshida, Programme Specialist

Introduction of NARBO,

Mr.Tomotaka Higuchi


Introduction of the Training,

Mr.Dennis von Custodio


Overview of the Training,

Course Director

Self-introduction of Participant
Group Photograph

Introduction of IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level and Part 1

Process and Spiral in Implementing IWRM

Mr.Tomonobu Sugiura


Introduction of Group Work

Mr.Tomonobu Sugiura


Sectoral Perspective and Key for Success of IWRM Guidelines at Part 2

Mr.Tomotaka Higuchi


Water Security

Mr.Ian W. Makin


Day 2

History of Irrigation Civilization in Sri Lanka

Ms. B. Kamaladasa Eng

History of MASL and IWRM Spiral Model in the Mahaweli River Basin

Mr. Sudharma Elakanda


Basin Profile of the Mahaweli River Basin

Mr. N.C.M. Nawarathne,

Importance of Water Resources Planning (in Mahaweli River Basin)

Ms. P. Talagala, Eng.

Planning of Seasonal Water Allocation in Mahaweli River Basin
Ms. Ananda Sellawa
, Eng.

Current Water Management Practices in the Mahaweli River Basin
Ms. Tilaka Samaratunga, Eng.
Cascade Village Tank Culture in the Mahaweli River Basin
Dr.M.U.A. Tennakoon

Demand and Supply Management for Efficient Water Use (Decision Making of RBO)

Mr.H.M. Nanzeer

Day 3

Sectoral Perspective; Hydropower in the Mahaweli River Basin

Mr. S.H. Midigaspe, Eng.

Sectoral Perspective; Irrigation in the Mahaweli River Basin

Eng.W.A. Chandrathilaka

Sectoral Perspective; Flood & Drought Management Strategies in the Mahaweli & Adjacent River Basin

Mr. H.H. Padmasiri, Eng.

Data Collection and Importance of Irrigation System in Sri Lanka (SLRM)
Dr.K.M. Palitha Banadara


Introduction of HMIS in the Mahaweli River Basin and its Influence on IWRM

Mr. Russel Boals, Eng.

Impact of Climatic Changes on Dam Safety and Water Resource Management

Prof. S.S.Wickremasuriya

Food Security (Water-Food-Energy Nexus) in Sri Lanka

Mr.W.K.P.C. Perera

Briefing of Study Visit

Mr. Tomonobu Sugiura


Day 4

Study Visit - BasawakkulaTank

Day 5

Study Visit - BasawakkulaTank

Day 6

Feedback of Learning from Study Visit including IWRM Spiral Model of the Mahaweli (Group Presentation)

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Course Director, MASL, ADB, ADBI, JWA

Basin Roadmap and Investment Program

Course Director, Dr.Tue Kell Nielsen,
Dr.Slamet Budi Prayitno,
Mr.Dennis von Custodio


Sectoral Perspective; Domestic Water in the Mahaweli River Basin

Mf. D.S.D. Jayasiriwardhane. Eng.

Experience of Managing Recent Drought 2012

Eng.Lalith de Alwis

Groundwater Use for Effective IWRM

Mr.Sarathe De Silva

Benchmarking and Peer Review Process in MASL

Mr.Chula Wellappili

Day 7

Institutional Imperatives for IWRM at the River Basin Level

Dr. Madar Samad


Environmental Flow

Ms. N. Eriyagama


Computer Modelling in Water Resources Management

Dr. Robyn Johnston


Experience of Japan
Mr. Tadashige Kawasaki
Ms. Mariko Asada


Day 8

Leadership in IWRM Progress

Dr.Slamet Budi Prayitno

Course Director

JICA water-related projects and assistance strategy in IWRM (JICA)

Mr.Kenji Nagata


IWRM Progress in the Laguna de Bay Basin/Philippine

Ms.Dolora Nepomuceno


Rapid Flood Management Assessment

Dr.Apichart Anukularmphai

Presentation and Discussion

Group 1: Sri Lanka (Mahaweli River Basin)

Group 2 Nepal (Bagmati River Basin)

Group 3 Indonesia (Citarum River Basin)

Group 4 Philippines (Laguna Lake Rvier Basin)

Group 5 Philippines (Davao River Basin)

Group 6 Philippines (Pampanga river basin)

Group 7 India (Baitarani river basin)

Group 8 Thailand (Mun river basin)

Group 9 (Nam Theun-Kading river basin)

Group 10 (Ayeyarwaddy river basin)