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The 8th Training Program (Sri Lanka) (2013)

Day 1

Lighting Traditional Oil Lamp

Welcome & Introduce the Program

Eng. Sudharma Elakanda

Speech DG MASL

Keynote speech, Secretary MIWRM/ vice chair NARBO

Speech by Embassy of Japan

Group Photograph

Introduction of NARBO

Mr.Tomotaka Higuchi


Introduction of the IWRM Training( 1.8MB)

Course Director

Mr. Dennis von Custodio

Overview of the Training

Course Director

Eng. Sudharma Elakanda)

Self-introduction of Participant


Introduction of IWRM and its spiral model

(IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level, Part 1)


IWRM process, sectoral perspective and key for success

(IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level, Part 2-1)


Video Clip on Water Security

AWDO Key Dimensions

Briefing of Group Presentation ( 1.2MB)

Poster session (Presentation by participant)
Course Director

Day 2

Mahaweli Developed Program for needs of the country. ( 1.2MB)

Eng. (Mrs.) P. Talagala

Overview of Mahaweli Program to enhance wate security ( 31.6MB)

Eng. N.C.M. Navarathne

Modern vs. Traditional Irrigation ( 747KB)

Dr. M.U.A. Tennakoon

Operational Planning Process of Irrigation department - Special focus to IWRM ( 2.9MB)
Eng. (Mrs.) J. Meegastenna
, Eng.

Consultation process for effective bulk water allocation ( 2.7MB)
Eng. A. Sellahewa Eng. (Ms) T. Samaratunga
Importance of Ensuring Safety of Water Infrastructure for better IWRM ( 4.9MB)
Eng. Sudharma Elakanda

Water Resources Planning for Mahaweli River Basin using simulation models
in Mahaweli River Basin
( 5.9MB)

Eng. H.M. Nanzeer

Monitoring of Victoria Dam: A review of Instrumentation to enhance the safety of Dam Structure ( 20.5MB)

Eng. A.S.K. Arruppola

Day 3

Conflict Solving process in RBOs ( 1.1MB)

Eng. H.H. Padmasiri

Meeting increasing demand of Drinking water ( 5.9MB)

Eng. G.S. Jayasiriwardhane

Contribution of Hydropower to enhance water security ( 5.9MB)

Eng. S. Midigaspe

Management & Monitoring Stratergy of Groundwater in Sri Lanka ( 5.1MB)

Mr. R.S. Wijesekara

How to secure Environmental requirement ( 4.4MB)

Dr. M. Manthrithilaka

Importance of having real time data for effective decision making ( 652KB)

Eng. P.C. Senarathne

Modern Tendency in Agriculture development towards water security ( 2.6MB)

Dr B. Marambe

UNESCO's water activities ( 2.9MB)

UNESCO Mr.Kazuaki Yoshida

Briefing of Study Visit ( 171KB)

Eng. Sudharma Elakanda

Day 4

Study Visit -Dambulu Oya

Day 5

Continue Study Visit -Polonnaruwa ruins/Museum Nalanada reservoir

Day 6

Feedback of Learning from Study Visit including IWRM Spiral Model of the Mahaweli (Group Presentation)

Quality of data in River Basin managemen practices ( 171KB)

Dr.K.M. Palitha Banadara

Water Security in International Rivers

The University of Tokyo Prof.
Mikiyasu Nakayama

Experience of Japan on IWRM ( 13MB)

ADBI Mr. Tomotaka Higuchi
JWA Mr. Keisuke Hatano

Briefing of Group Presentation (2)( 1.3MB)


Day 7

Experience on IWRM Implementation and Capacity Building in RBO: Case of Brantas RB

NARBO Senior Advisor
Mr. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto

Performance Benchmarking
NARBO PB 2013-2014, CRBOM Mr.Isnugroho and NARBO Secretariat
Lessons from Sri Lanka, MASL Mr.Chulananda Wellapili ( 186KB)
Lessons from Indonesia, CRBOM Mr.Isnugroho ( 2.5MB)
Lessons from Philippines, LLDA Ms. Dolora Nepomuceno ( 1.7MB)

Preparation for Presentation (Group Work)

Day 8

Presentation and Discussion

1 Phillipine (DENR) ( 2.0MB)

2 Pakistan (The Indus basin) (902KB)

3 Indonesia (PJT I ) (904KB)

4 Nepal (Bagmati River Basin) (7.2MB)


6 Bangladesh (Ganges Brahmaputra Meghna Basin) (506KB)

7 Malaysia (LANGAT RIVER BASIN) (938KB)

8 LAO PDR (Nam Xong Sub-River Basin) (1.7MB)


10 Sri Lanka (Mahaweli River Basin) (606kB)

11 Indonesia (PJT Ⅱ)

12 Phillipine (The Laguna Lake Basin) (1.94MB)

13 Phillipine (Davao River Basin) (4.24MB)

14 Afghanistan (KABUL RIVER BASIN) (957kB)

15 Afghanistan (Western Basin) (957kB)