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7th WWF (World Water Forum) / April 2015




7th WWF (World Water Forum) Outline

Mr.Komura, President of  JWA,discussiing with other participants to the ministerial confenrences hosted by three country (Japan-China-Korea) cooperative secretariats

Period 12th (Sun) April, 2015 to 17th (Fri) April, 2015
Venue Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea
Hosts WWC (World Water Council) and Governent of Republic of Korea
Outline of
It is the world largest conference held once every 3 years among world water-related people to discuss the water-related issues on a global scale. This time Approx. 400 sessions were held under the four processes of "Thematic","Political", "Regional", "and Science and Technology " matters. Approx. 40,000 peoplefrom some 170 countries joined the meetings.
Participants International organizations, respective national governments, local governents, researchers, citizen groups, other entities

Staffers  making a panel discussion  and  releasing the knowledge fostered in and out of their respective countries to others.

Mr. Komura, President, is explaining the projects  the JWA has been engaged in.

Mr. Kamimura, Secretariat  General of NARBO, releasing the experiences of JWA on IWRM

Staffers  making a final discussion with Mr. Keizul,  Chairperson of  NARBO, on procedure of  the conference

A Staff member explaining  knowledge accumulated in Japan  Left: Introducing
the examples at the presentation
Right::  Explaining the disaster management shown on the poster