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Leadership for the IWRM Process

of the 5th NARBO General Meeting


Mr. Dung, Tran Duc
Division of Dong Nai River Basin Southern Institute
for Water Resources Planning (SIWRP)




16th, May 2013 Leadership for the IWRM Process:

As one of the main subjects in the 5th NARBO General Meeting, Leadership has been considered as playing an important role to address water issues. Leadership can "push" effective actions to solve the issues to achieve water security.

The session so-called "Leadership for the IWRM Process" was the opening subject of the NARBO Thematic Workshop at the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit Technical Session Chaing Mai, Thailand. NARBO secretariat showed the professional and good preparation for the successful meeting. All participants from NARBO members were very interesting in listening for presentations and freely stating their viewpoints. Activities in the first session are summarized in a process as follows:
-Dr. Keizrul Bin Abdullah, Chairperson, NARBO, started the meeting with opening remarks before welcome remarks were stated by Dr. Apichart Anukularmhai, President, Thailand Water Resources Association (TWRA).
-Mr. Wouter Lincklaen Arriens, Lead Water Resources Specialist, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB) present "What are the leadership attributes needed for improving IWRM?" in which reported the importance of leadership in IWRM and the role of RBO in each country. ADB has a long experience and always ready to help NARBO in any aspect.
-The panel discussion was carried out after listing for presentations of panelists (6) about the leadership in water issue aspect as well as in IWRM. The meeting was really attractive since we, participants could understand viewpoints and sharing of panelists and then expressed own our specific situations to discuss. All participants had opportunities to get the potential solutions or experience from the panelists as well as other colleagues in RBOs.
-Outstanding, the attendance of younger from SEAYEN was appreciated since they could get quick understanding, lessons abstracted from the panelists. They will be "leaders" in near future. This might give to all people a message: "A good leadership always needs young generations which are small green trees; they should be grown up now as building capacity to create better leaderships in future".




The issue of integrated management of water resources is imperative and necessary; require flexible leadership, capacity building, and water security applications by nature, culture and society, etc in the basin. The basin should develop water resources management based on standard framework and principles to suit the changing in each circumstance.




Leadership for the IWRM Process meeting

One of the slice in the presentation in Leadership subject "Developing leadership for what?"
One of the slice in the presentation in Leadership subject "Leadership-a process"
T-shaped IWRM Leaders by Mrs. Fiona Chandler-IWR
Panel Discussion moderated by Dr Keizrul Bin Abdullah (Chair person, NARBO). In this situation, Dr. Le Huu Ti (Vietnam) was made some questions to the panelists.