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NARBO: A Decade of Achievements (2004-2014)
debuted on April 14 in 7thWWF


Michio OTA
NARBO secretariat



   “A Decade of Achievements (2004-2014)” was debuted at a session titled “Knowledgebase for IWRM” convened by NARBO from 5 p.m. on April 14 at the 7th WWF in Daegu, South Korea. NARBO Secretariat has taken an initiative to prepare this booklet in collaboration with the Steering Committee and other NARBO members since last April and completed it last month. It describes a summary of the 10-year achievements and the future direction of NARBO activities. We, the Secretariat, express sincere thanks for the SC and NARBO members’ supports.

   At the session, firstly Mr. Kamimura, NARBO Secretary General gave a keynote talk and secondly a video was aired following the footprints of 10-year NARBO activities. After these, Dr. Keizrul Bin Abdullah, NARBO Chairperson and Mr. Kamimura declared the debut of the booklet in a great way by clicking to the website of it. Following this event, Dr. Thomas Panella, Country Director, Afghanistan Resident Mission, ADB delivered a presentation about an outline of the booklet and IWRM promotions implemented by ADB.

   Finally, a panel discussion titled “Knowledgebase for IWRM” chaired by Dr. Keizrul Bin Abdullah was held. There were many participants in the session in spite of its late hour opening and a lively exchange of questions and answers between the floor and the panelists was made. As a conclusion, it was confirmed that the key point to develop the IWRM was to share the knowledge and the data among the stakeholders concerning water resources. This showed that people in the world were highly interested in the knowledge sharing in the course of dissemination of the IWRM and had lots of expectations toward the future NARBO activities in this respect. We highly appreciate the participants’ contributions to the successful session.


The booklet, “A Decade of Achievements (2004-2014)” is available from a website below.


(NARBO: A Decade of Achievements (2004-2014) debuted on April 14 in 7thWWF pdf [29MB])

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