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Study Visit of 5th NARBO General Meeting


Mr. Dung, Tran Duc
Division of Dong Nai River Basin
Southern Institute for Water Resources Planning (SIWRP)




15 th, May 2013: Activities in Study Visit:

Visiting places have outstanding achievements in the Ping river basin management, sub-basin Mea Sa in northern Thailand, 20km from Chiang Mai city center to the north. Some activities via photos:



In the meeting room at the Botanic Garden

Botanical Garden and the location of water sources for mining mineral water company Aura

Entrance where groundwater extraction for mineral water company Aura and water pipes

Model greenhouse grown plants in botanical gardens and some plants

Aura company logo and a picture of the parts of production line


River basin management must closely reach to social and economic efficiency in the operating results from the specific, highly profitable, sustainable direction for the basin. Effectiveness should be gathered by each individual sub-basin to provide for efficient synthesis for the basin containing it.