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    of the 6th NARBO General Meeting

2nd Announcement
of the 6th NARBO General Meeting




1. Date and Venue
Date: 22 – 24 February, 2017
Venue: Purwakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia
2. Background
After being announced at the 3rd World Water Forum in March 2003, NARBO was officially established in February 2004 in Indonesia to promote and achieve integrated water resources management (IWRM).
(→See http://www.narbo.jp/whats.html).
NARBO general meeting is held every three years in accordance with its charter stating (i) sharing useful information on water resources management; (ii) presenting and adopting the work plan after this meeting; (iii) selecting the constitutional body; and (iv) accepting new members. Amendments to the charter, when needed, are to be approved during the meeting.
3. Outline of the 6th NARBO General Meeting:
All member organizations are requested to attend the meeting and appoint the representative(s) of each organization. The representatives will be expected to contribute to the general meeting.
Please access the following URL for registration.
 → https://goo.gl/forms/M3r1PkP7chDsqcYx2
Tentative Programs (TBD)
 * Detailed programs will be shown as attached (and may be changed when necessary).
• 21 Feb (Day 0) (arrive at Jakarta)
• 22 Feb (Day 1) Study Visit
• 23 Feb (Day 2) Technical Workshops
*Themes are being discussed in the secretaria
• 24 Feb (Day 3) General Meeting
• 25 Feb (Day 4) Check-out and Departure
4. Activity report of each member organization:
All NARBO members are requested to prepare and send an activity report to NARBO Secretariat by
31st December, 2016.
5. Financial Preparation:
All member organizations are encouraged to bear their own expenses for participation in the meeting, or a part of the costs.
6. Administrative information:
Administrative information will also be announced by the host organization.
7. Contact:
Please contact the following NARBO secretariat representatives by email if you have any inquires on this announcement.
NARBO Secretariat
Tadashige Kawasaki (Mr.)
Naomi Hiramoto (Ms.)
International Affairs Division, Japan Water Agency (JWA) Land Axis Tower, 11-2, Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama city, Saitama Prefecture, 330-6008, Japan
Phone: +81-48-600-6553
Fax: +81-48-600-6509
Email: info@narbo.org