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NARBO to Offer Online Diploma Courses on River Basin Management and Environmental Management


by Dennis Von C. Custodio
IWRM Specialist and RETA 6470 Coordinator (Consultant)
Asian Development Bank



  Block your calendar for the next round of distance learning courses to be offered by NARBO this year!

  NARBO will offer four online diploma courses on river basin management and environment management in collaboration with CEDDET Foundation (Spain), Ebro River Water Authority (Spain), Japan Water Agency, and other knowledge partners in the region. The diploma courses are expected to start August or September this year.

  The courses take a proactive approach and promote exchange of experiences among participants from a practical viewpoint - from a water professional to another water professional.

  It may be recalled that a distance learning course on river basin management was offered on a pilot basis in 2011 by the Government of Spain through CEDDET Foundation, in collaboration with the Environment, Water and Agriculture Ministry of Spain through the Ebro River Basin Management Organization, and the Laguna Lake Development Authority. Four river basin professionals from NARBO member organizations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand completed that free online course.

  This year’s river basin management course will

discuss and analyse river basin management in the context of IWRM;

strengthen capacities to manage and address water challenges in river basins;

compare water resources management approaches and discuss best practices in at least five river basins;

improve understanding of the IWRM process in general; and

improve management and decision-making processes in the context of IWRM.

  The environmental management course will stimulate knowledge acquisition and capacity building to improve implementation of strategies and decision-making processes for an environmental-oriented water management as part of the IWRM approach, specifically:

promote exchange of experiences and institutional capacity building for environmental management of water resources in Asian countries;

update knowledge of the fundamentals in the evaluation of water ecosystems and the pressures and impacts of human activities;

provide knowledge that is oriented to the improvement of management skills to address environmental challenges and the implementation of measures to preserve and restore water-environment functionalities; and

icontribute to the development of methodologies and planning to implement environmental management in river basins.

  The distance learning courses are concrete outputs of NARBO’s basin study visit to Madrid and Zaragoza in Spain in May 2010, which linked Spain's river basin expertise with NARBO members and ADB's project clients in Asia.


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