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  2. The 2nd thematic workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights




The 2nd thematic workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights

Philippines (2006)


1. Introduction

The 2nd thematic workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights, held from June 5-9 in Manila, Philippines, was completed. 26 participants from 7 countries discussed each session theme actively and got the precious information on current status of water resources management in Philippines through the site visit. It was appreciated that the recipient organization, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), had contributed to the workshop greatly.

The 2nd workshop consisted three sessions (2 days) and two field trips (2days), and one lecture and one presentation were given from Japan side additionally. Also, the 2nd workshop was held in succession to the 1st one in Hanoi, Viet Nam, so discussions were carried out on the basis of the session outcome of the 1st one.

The sessions were held on 6th and 9th, and the session venue was the Guest House in the Lamesa Ecopark, Quezon City in Metro Manila. The themes of each session are as follows.

Session 1:
Report on the situation of the dissemination and discussion in participants’ countries (on 6th)
Session 2:
Issues and causes (on 6th)
Session 3:
Proposal, Processes and evaluations (on 9th)
Opening remarks by Mr.Alikpala
Discussion in the Session
Closing remarks by Dr.Casimiro

3. Presentations from Japan side

1 lecture and 1 presentation were given from Japan side as follows.

Lecture: “Outline of the Water Policy Review in Japan” (on 6th, by Mr. Koji Nukina, Deputy Director, Division of Water Resources Planning, Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Presentation: “Frameworks for approaching water allocation issues in Japan” (on 9th, by Mr. Michitaro Nakai, NARBO Associate, ADB Institute)

Presentation by Mr.Nukina
Q&A session
Presentation by Mr.Nakai

4. Field Trips

On 7th, we visited the 2 venues around the Laguna De Bay, (i) Kalayaan Pumped Storage Power Plant, and (ii) Ayala Land Filtration Plant. On 8th, we visited the Angat Dam and Reservoir, which supplies the large portion of the domestic water of the Metro Manila. The former field trip was hosted by LLDA, and the latter one was hosted by NWRB.

Presentation by NPC staff
Aerating facility at Ayala
Land Filtration Plant
The Angat Dam

5. Materials
Materials are available from the Database. (ID & Pass are needed.)