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LLDA Delegation called in JWA HQ and discussed
water resources management for the lakes




The Delegation consisting of 10 members of the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) of Republic of the Philippines which is NARBO member organization called in Japan Water Agency (JWA) Head Quarters in Saitama City on Monday 20 April 2009.They visited Japan to inspect the lake management especially from the view point of water quality control under the Laguna de Bay Institutional Strengthening and Community Participation (LISCOP) that LLDA are now working on. LISCOP is composed of component 1 and component 2. Component 1 supports the environment preservation of Lake Laguna and its basin implemented by institutions concerned such as local government units and communities. Component 2, which the delegation is in charge of, builds the institutional capacities for the environment preservation of Lake Laguna and its basin.


Taking this opportunity, LLDA and JWA held an informal meeting for the Lake Management. JWA explained the status of water quality and aquatic vegetation habitats in Lake Biwa and Lake Kasumigaura where JWA proceeds with operation and maintenance, and LLDA explained its challenges regarding Lake Laguna and its basin management etc. We could discuss the problems both LLDA and JWA are tackling and exchange the useful information through the discussion.


After the meeting, LLDA delegation paid a courtesy call on JWA President Toshiki AOYAMA, Vice President Yasuro NAKAJYO and Board of Director, Masaru KUBOTA who is NARBO Secretary General, and left for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in Tokyo to pay a courtesy call on Director General of Water Resources Department and DG of Sewerage Works Department.


LLDA delegation conducted study visits to waste water treatment facilities in Saitama prefecture and Yokohama City et al. from the following day, April 21. LLDA visited Lake Biwa Development Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Office of JWA in Shiga prefecture, Kansai District on April 24 to inspect flood control facilities including lakefront levee, sluice gates and an internal drainage pumping station et al.


JWA NARBO Secretariat was very pleased to have LLDA delegation and intends to accept NARBO members with grate pleasure in the future if they have opportunities to come to Japan.