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Thank you very much for your cooperation to questionnaire on NARBO web-site

Dennis Von Custodio,
NARBO Secretariat, and IWRM Specialist and RETA 6470 Coordinator (Consultant),
Asian Development Bank


We, NARBO Secretariat, distributed the questionnaire on NARBO web-site during 2nd South East Asian Water Forum and got answers from ten organizations. We finally organize the result, and report you as below hyper-links.
According to the result of questionnaire, most NARBO members seem to be difficult to access NARBO web-site because of slow transfer speed by dial up access, high expense to access, and so on. NARBO web-site plays quite important role in NARBO activities. Therefore, we, NARBO Secretariat, recognize that the web-site have to be improved quickly for easy access and easy using. So now, our web-expert is reconstructing NARBO top page for easy access.
To enrich the contents in the web-site is also important. We would like to ask you to send us some articles concerning IWRM and organizational activities. Your cooperation is essential for us to make a better web-site.

We express sincere thanks for the members cooperated the questionnaire again.

- Questionnaire about NARBO web-site [Word/29KB]
- List of the result [Excel/31KB]
- The result translated in a graphic form [Word/437KB]