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The international technical meeting between Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand and the Japan Water Agency was held in Saitama City, Japan 5 September, 2018

As part of interaction with the River Basin Organization (RBO) of the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO), a delegation of 10 representatives from the Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand (DWR) paid a visit to the headquarters of Japan Water Agency (JWA), and the facilities managed by JWA, and held a technical meeting between the organizations from 15 August through 17 August 2018.

On the first day, 15 August, a technical meeting was held after the Thai delegation paid a courtesy call to the headquarters of JWA. At the meeting, JWA gave an outline of the organization, and explained water rights in Japan, environmental measures in dam construction project, operations and maintenance of dam facilities, maintenance of canal facilities by stock management method, and disaster prevention measures by JWA. Then DWR explained their strategic plan on water resources management in Thailand (2015-2026). The participants had an active exchange of opinions during the presentations. Through discussion, DWR and JWA confirmed that both will continue to utilize NARBO's framework, and maintain a cooperative relationship between DWR and JWA.

Technical meeting
On the following day, 16 August, the delegation visited the Tone Canal Management and Construction Office in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture, where local staff members of the JWA gave an outline of the Tone Canal Project and on water intake management (including water rights). Afterwards, we visited the operation room inside the office. During the site visit, both exchanged opinions on methods of water distribution at intake facilities and alarm systems, particularly in relation to water rights.

Site visit: Tone Canal Management and Construction Office
The Thai delegation visited the Chiba Integrated Operation and Maintenance Office - Boso Canal Office in Oami-Shirasato City, Chiba Prefecture on the third day, 17 August. Local JWA staff gave an outline of Boso Canal Project and mechanism of water distribution management, and the emergency reconstruction project of Boso Canal facilities, which is currently underway. We also visited the Oami Pumping Station, and Togane Dam. During the site visit, we exchanged opinions actively concerning the mechanism of water distribution in canal section which is shared with another canal project, the burden of pumping cost to supply water, the method of water quality conservation in dam reservoirs, the function of dam as regulating reservoir, the methods of water control being conducted in the canal reconstruction project and so on.

Site visit: Oami pumping station

The three day program ended up being very meaningful, with technical discussions on the issues which both countries have and the exchange of significant opinions regarding building the future cooperation between the two. JWA would like to continue interaction among RBOs making the most of NARBO's network, sharing valuable information on water resource management, and build a good relationship among NARBO members.