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1. Events

The 9th Training Program (Philippines) (2013)

Day 1

Welcome and Introduction to the Program
Dolora Nepomuceno

Welcome Speech
Ramon J.P. Paje
DENR (or Manuel Gerochi or Analisa Teh)

Welcome Speech
Sevillo David

Speech by Embassy of Japan in Philippines
Koji Otani

Introduction of NARBO( 9.6MB)
Kouichirou Omoto

Group Photograph

Introduction of the IWRM Training( 17MB)

Dennis Von Custodio


House rule
Cesar Quintos

Self-introduction of Participant
MC: Alvin Faraon
Marian Soriano

Introduction of IWRM and its spiral model (IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level( 5.9MB)
Part 1)
Kazuaki Yoshida


IWRM process
sectoral perspective and key for success (IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level, Part 2-1)

Kouichirou Omoto, ADBI

2 Video Clips: LLDA ("Bai ng Laguna"or Lake of Laguna)


Briefing of Group Presentation

Tomonobu Sugiura,

Poster Session (Assessment and Presentation)
Part 1

Welcome Dinner

Day 2

Laguna Lake Development Authority: Legal and Institutional Framework for IWRM ( 1.5MB)

- John Andrew de Guzman, LLDA

Laguna Lake Development Authority: Financing Framework for IWRM ( 0.6MB)

- Rosanna Avenido, LLDA

Laguna Lake Development Authority: Decision Support System for IWRM ( 11.6KB)

- Alvin Faraon & Neil Varcas, LLDA

Laguna Lake Development Authority: Improving Performance for IWRM through RBO Benchmarking ( 7.1MB)
Cesar Quintos

Water Environment ( 8.1MB)
Mitsumasa Okada
Sectoral perspective: Irrigation - Romeo Lopez, NIA ( 2.7MB)
Eng. Sudharma Elakanda

Sectoral perspective: Flood Management and Drainage Master Plan for Metro Manila and Laguna Lake Basin in Mahaweli River Basin ( 3.4MB)

Lydia C. Aguilar

Sectoral Perspective: Domestic Water and Role of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System ( 5.8MB)

Lerma C. Rosario

LLDA’s Coordination of Sectoral Perspectives (3.3MB)

Dolora Nepomuceno

Role of Gender in IWRM ( 1.6MB)

Yasmin Siddiqi

Poster Session, Part 2

Course Directors

Day 3

Environmental User Fee System: Market-Based Instrument for Pollution Control & Abatement ( 3.1MB)

Rowena Pagdingalan

Managing Environmental Risks for Water Security in Laguna Lake Basin ( 12.3MB)

Adelina C. Santos


Using Technology to Mitigate Water-Related Disaster Risks in the Laguna Lake Basin ( 7.1MB)

Oscar Victor Lizardo

Community-Government Partnership for Improved Flood Management in the Laguna Lake Basin ( 3.4MB)

Emiterio Hernandez

Water Abstraction and Pricing; Conflict/Dispute Resolution on Water Allocation ( 4.1MB)

Rochelle Ivy Reyes & Carolane Panganiban

Good Practices for Basin Planning in Laguna Lake ( 3.1KB)

Jocelyn Siapno

Modern Tendency in Agriculture development towards water security

Dr B. Marambe

Stakeholders' Participation in IWRM in the Laguna Lake Basin ( 5.2MB)

Reena Buena

Briefing on Study Visit

Jocelyn Siapno, LLDA Osamu Kondo,

Poster Session, Part 3

Course Directors

Day 4

Study Visit 1
1. Role of Youth and Women in Lake Conservation, Lake Pandin, San Pablo, Laguna
2. Disaster Risk Reduction: Keys for Success, Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Day 5

Study Visit 2
1. Processes for Domestic Use of Laguna Lake’s Raw Water: Maynilad Water Treatment Plant, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
2. Integrated Solid Waste Management for Lake Water Quality Protection, Teresa, Rizal

Day 6

Feedback of Learning from Study Visit including IWRM Spiral Model of the Mahaweli (Group Presentation)

Super Typhoon 'Yolanda': Experience and Lessons ( 4.7KB)

Renito Paciente

Youth Participation for Water Security in Asia ( 7.4KB)

Christopher I. Morris

Preparation for Presentation (Group Work)

Learnings from the Study Visit ( 1.7MB)
Cooperation (Group 5)

Juan ( 3.3MB)

Kalikasan ( 2.2MB)

SafeEnvironment ( 4.0MB)

WomenEmpowerment ( 0.4MB)

Day 7

Experience of Japan in IWRM ( 4.8MB)


Dissemination of the conceptof IWRM at field level (TBC) ( 44.9MB)
Tadashige Kawasaki

Roadmapping for River Basin Investment: Case Study of Citarum Rvier Basin ( 2.9MB)
Eric Quincieu

Laguna Lake Basin Ecological Footprinting and Bio Capacity ( 5.2MB)
Dolora Nepomuceno, LLDA

Presentation and Discussion (Group Presentation)
Course Directors

Preparation for Presentation (Group Work)

Day 8

Presentation and Discussion (Group Presentation)
Course Directors

2-Klang RB - Malaysia
1) IRBM-F4-001-01 Borang Permohonan Aktiviti Pengubahan Sumber ( 0.1MB)
2-Klang RB - Malaysia ( 1.1MB)
abstraksi ( 0.1MB)

enakmen ( 0.1MB)

IRBM ( 0.1MB)

kb ( 0.1MB)

lesen kb ( 0.1MB)

pelan strategik ( 0.1MB)

taskforce ( 0.1MB)

5-Laguna de Bay Basin

5-Laguna de Bay Basin ( 1.0MB)

5-Laguna De Bay Basin Spiral Model - Phl ( 0.6MB)

10-Mahaweli RB - Sri Lanka

10-Mahaweli RB - Sri Lanka.pdf ( 2.7MB)

Mahaweli RB - BackUp Issues ( 0.2MB)

Mahaweli RB - BackUp Solutions ( 0.03MB)

1-Kabul RB - Afghanistan ( 0.7MB)

3-Western RB - Afghanistan ( 1.6MB)

4-Cau RB - Vietnam ( 1.3MB)

6-Cuu Long RB - Viet Nam ( 0.9MB)

7-Brantas RB - Indonesia ( 0.6MB)

8-Ayeyarwaddy RB - Myanmar ( 2.3MB)

9-Davao RB - Davao Phl ( 2.1MB)

11-Teesta RB - Bangladesh ( 1.2MB)

12-Wangchu RB - Bhutan ( 4.6MB)

13-Bengawan Solo RB - Indonesia ( 0.9MB)

14-Citarum - Indonesia ( 1.7MB)

15-Mekong RB - Lao PDR ( 2.4MB)

16-Mun RB - Thailand ( 3.3MB)

17-Vu Gia Thu Bon RB - Viet Nam ( 0.6MB)

18-Red RB - Viet Nam ( 1.6MB)

Farewell Dinner