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1st Announcement of the NARBO IWRM Training for Sustainable Development4 Aug, 2017

1. Date and Venue

From 5 to 8 February, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2. Background

NARBO has promoted the concept of IWRM and strengthen the organizational capacity of RBO since its establishment by offering training course and specific workshops. However, now is the time to move on next phase to tackle actual issues regarding IWRM. In February 2017, NARBO transmitted opinions of the practitioners of water resources management stating that 1) strengthening network among those who are actually responsible for it, 2) promoting an approach which is adaptive and applicable for actual status in the field, and 3) putting much more value on the opinion of them in the 6th General Meeting in Indonesia.

Taking into consideration the current issues they are facing on water and the viewpoint of promoting NARBO activities by strengthening the water management practitioner's capacity, this training course is planned in the viewpoint of "promoting an approach which is adaptive and applicable for actual status in the field "as a step to make NARBO activities move forward.

3. Concept

This training course offers the opportunity to tackle common issues on water in Asia, namely "too little water", "too much water" and "too dirty water" through lectures, a site visit and discussions among participants so that they can find a improved way to address issues which each member organization has.

4. Outline of the training


Participants formulate the action plan of implementation of IWRM for their own system through obtaining knowledge in this training


Participants are requested to:

  • prepare the assigned task before joining.
    → "Success case(s) & future agendas on implementation of IWRM in your country"
  • give a presentation on the theme of better implement of IWRM for participant’s country after taking lectures, discussions and visiting field.

Target Participants

Target participants consist of decision-making level or coequal status of officials of government or that of related authority on water resources management and/or facility maintenance or those who are eligible to propose measure for improvement from South and Southeast Asian countries.

Maximum 2 persons per country can participate in this course except for person joining from host country.


Registration will be proceeded on online basis. Detailed information on this matter will be announced on our website.

Tentative Program (TBD)

* Detailed program will be as follows (and may be changed when necessary).

  • 4 February (Day 0) (arrive at Kuala Lumpur)
  • 5 February (Day 1) Special lectures by resource speakers and brief presentation by each participant
  • 6 February (Day 2) Lectures on following themes:
    • Securing safe water
    • Securing safe water supply
    • Securing water quality at reservoir level
    • Applicable and appropriate approach
  • 7 February (Day 3) Study Visit
  • 8 February (Day 4) Group work and presentation
  • 9 February (Day 5) Check-out and Departure

5. Financial Preparation

Expenses for joining this course shall be on your own account except for the case of getting supported by a/some project(s).

6. Administrative information

Administrative information will also be announced by the host organization.

7. Contact

Please contact the following NARBO secretariat through email if you have anything inquiry on this announcement.

NARBO Secretariat

Jun Utsunomiya(Mr.)
Hidehiko Mikami (Mr.)

International Affairs Division, Japan Water Agency (JWA)
Land Axis Tower, 11-2, Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama city, Saitama Prefecture, 330-6008, Japan
Phone: +81-48-600-6553
Fax: +81-48-600-6509

SWMA/LUAS Secretariat

Bidasari Bahashim (Ms.)
Ishak Kamaruzzaman (Mr.)

Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA/LUAS)
13th Floor, Bangunan Darul Ehsan,
No 3, Jalan Indah, Seksyen 14,
Phone: +603-55111800 Fax: +603-55101800
Email: ,