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2nd Announcement of the NARBO IWRM Training for Sustainable Development10 October, 2017

NARBO IWRM Training for Sustainable Development
From 5 to 8 February, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Host Organization:
Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA/LUAS)


Ⅰ International Applicants (Applicants from the countries outside Malaysia)

Please submit the application form after filling in the required information through following URL (for self funded) or the attached format (for requesting financial support: only for NARBO member organizations) to NARBO Secretariat ( no later than 10 November, 2017. You can proceed by accessing the following address or by downloading the format.

ⅰ Application Form (for self funded; for NARBO and Non NARBO members)

ⅱ Application Form (for requesting financial support; for NARBO members)

You can download the necessary forms for application from here:

  • This support can be applicable for NARBO members only.
  • Please peruse the notice of condition on financial support in the format and this announcement in advance.
  • Due to the limited fund of NARBO secretariat and the respect of ownership of applicants, the financial support is not pledged by the applicant's request as mentioned above.
  • The format can be sent to following email address:
    NARBO Secretariat:
    Koichiro Omoto (Mr.)
    NARBO-JWA Representative,
    Capacity Building and Training Department
    Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)
    Jun Utsunomiya (Mr.)
    International Affairs Division, Japan Water Agency (JWA)

Ⅱ Local Applicants (Applicants from Malaysia)

Applicants from Malaysia should apply to:

Bidasari Bahashim (Mrs.)
Ishak Kamaruzzaman (Mr.)

Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA/LUAS)

Considerations for Selection

  1. Target age of participants is 30 to 45 years old.
  2. Decision-making level or coequal status of officials of government or that of related authority on water resources management and/or facility maintenance or those who are eligible to propose measure for improvement
  3. A maximum of 2 persons will be selected from each country in principle.
  4. Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously participated in past NARBO IWRM training courses.
  5. The NARBO Secretariat will screen applications on the basis of NARBO selection criteria, including qualification and experiences.

* The NARBO Secretariat screens applicants on the bases of the submitted documents.

[Necessary documents]

  • Application form for financial support
  • Materials for workshop "Success case(s) & future agendas on implementation of IWRM in each country"
Successful applicants will be notified by 5th week of December 2017 by NARBO Secretariat respectively.

About Your Participation

Participants are to

  • participate for the whole duration of the training,
  • meet the terms and conditions of application,
  • get approval from the top official of your organization such as vice president or president ,
  • accomplish a questionnaire, and
  • prepare materials for workshop "Success case(s) & future agendas on implementation of IWRM in each country"

NARBO secretariat and host of this program does not provide medical or other insurance coverage to participants and shall not be liable for any financial loss or injury participants may sustain while participating in the training.

Participants are expected to bring: (i) laptop (with Microsoft Powerpoint installed); and (ii) materials that demonstrate success case(s) & future agendas on implementation of IWRM in their river basin.

*You can download the style file from here:

Financial Support

Basically, expenses for joining this course shall be on your own account except for the case of getting supported by a/some project(s) or fund supporter. Meanwhile, NARBO will choose applox.10 participants as the special entries based on the request from applicants of NARBO members and necessary cost to join this course (e.g. airfare, accommodation, meal and miscellaneous allowance) can be covered in accordance with the criteria of supporting and the host organization.

Visa Arrangements

Participants are expected to arrange their entry visa to Malaysia, as needed. Participants may contact the Embassy of Malaysia in own country for requirements. The host organization will issue an invitation letter to facilitate visa application.

About the Training

Training Components

  • This training course will consist of lecturing, presentation & discussion and field visit.
  • The participants will be tasked to make a presentation and join the active discussion on the designated theme.
  • Main topic to be presented will be as follows:
    →"What is the most appropriate approach to make water-related facilities management more sustainable for your country?"
  • The presentation materials will be collected and summarized in a brochure, then introduced in a international conference on water as "appropriate and applicable technology and approach in Asia".

Official Language



Day 1 [5 February, 2018 (Mon.)]

Title / Contents Lecturer
Opening Ceremony NARBO Secretariat
Special Lecture from Malaysia
1.Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in Malaysia
YBhg Dato’ Dr Hj Md Nasir bin Md Noh (Deputy Director General of Malaysia Drainage and Irrigation Department and Vice Chairperson of NARBO)
2.Implementation of Integrated River Basin Management in Selangor : LUAS's Experience SWMA Director
Special Lecture from Japan TBC
Briefing on the Assignment Task from each Country
Topic: Success case(s) & future agendas on water facility maintenance in each country.
  • The success stories regarding implementation of IWRM in each country.
  • The current issues/agendas to be addressed on implementation of IWRM in each country.
*Each delegation is expected to give a presentation within 15 min/group and discuss with others when necessary.
Representatives of each country

Day 2 [6 February, 2018 (Tue.)]

Title / Contents Lecturer
Theme 1 Securing of Safety
  1. Dam Management for Flood Control and Irrigation Purposes.
  2. Climate Change Effect on Water Related Facilities in Malaysia OR
  3. Dam Management and Maintenance in Malaysia.
  • Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA)
  • National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
  • Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID)
Integrated Dam Operation to Protect Life and Properties from Flood
Theme 2 Securing of Stable Water Supply
Approach 1: Life Extension of Existing Facilities
Periodic Monitoring and Inspection of Dam Facilities
Approach 2: Secure Alternative Water Resources
  1. Development and Management of Hybrid Off River Augmentation System (HORAS) and Groundwater in Selangor, Malaysia.
  2. Development and Management of River Bank Filtration (RBF) in Kelantan, Malaysia.
  • Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA)
  • Air Kelantan SB (AKSB)
Theme 3 Securing of Quality Water
  1. Water Resources Pollution Management and Enforcement in Malaysia.
  2. Implementation of Emissions or Discharge of Pollutant Regulations (State of Selangor) 2012.
  • Malaysia Department of Environment (DOE)
  • Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA)
Conservation and Improvement of Water Quality of Reservoirs
Hot Topic (Appropriate Applicable Approach)
  • What is 3A?
  • Case study of 3AIntroduction of 3A Guideline

Day 3 [7 February, 2018 (Wed.)]

Title / Contents Lecturer
Field Study
*Venue will be selected by the host based on the viewpoint of the suitable place to know current or typical status of management of water related facility in Malaysia.

  1. Briefing and site visit at Sungai Selangor Dam – SPLASH
  2. Briefing and site visit at Hybrid Off River Augmentation System (HORAS)
  3. Briefing and tree planting activity
  4. Farewell dinner
  5. Briefing and site visit at Kampung Kuantan Fireflies
Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA)

Day 4 [8 February, 2018 (Thu.)]

Title / Contents Lecturer
Group Work
*Each participant is expected to prepare materials with a viewpoint of how to incorporate the given ideas, suggestions or what they learned into current issues.
Group Presentation
Approx. 15min to make a presentation on the designated theme will be given for each group. Comments and discussion will also be expected. Representatives of each country
Closing Ceremony


  • Further details of the training will be notified to successful applicants around late-December 2017.
  • Please feel free to ask us if you have any inquiries about the application.