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1. Events

The 3rd Training Course (Korea) (2005)



14th November 2005 (Monday)
1. Opening Session
Introduction of NARBO & Its Activities 
[Dr.Ick Hwan Ko (KOWACO)]
Introduction of Korea Water Resources Cooperation 
[Dr.Ick Hwan Ko (KOWACO)]
2. Special Lecture 1
Technology for IWRM - River Basin Approach in Korea 
[Dr.Ick Hwan Ko (KOWACO)]

Integrated Real-time Water Resources Management System (IRWMS) 
[Dr.Woochang Jeong (KOWACO)]

3. Report Session
Water Resources Management in Cambodia (Cambodia) 
Review of Current Practices Related to IWRM in China (China) 
Water Allocation in The Brantas River Basin (Indonesia) 
Urban Rivers in Transition - Malaysian Efforts at Rehabilitation (Malaysia 
Water Resources Management In The Philippinese (Philippines) 
Integrated Water Resources Management in Laguna de Bay, Philippines (Philippines) 
Citarum Water Resources Operation (Indonesia)  
River Basin Development in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) 
Integrated Water Resources Management in Thailand (Thailand) 
Water Resources Management & Its Problems In Mekong Delta Of Viet Nam (Viet Nam) 
Organizations of River basin management in Viet Nam (Viet Nam) 
Water Quality Monitoring System And River Management Information System (MIS) In Brantas River Basin (Indonesia) 
4. Special Lecture 2
IWRM experience in Japan IWRM experience in Japan -The case of Tone Canal Project- 
[Mr.Hiroyoshi Tanaka (JWA)]
Water Policy in Korea "Toward IWRM" 
[Dr. Dooho Park (KOWACO)]
15th November 2005 (Tuesday)
5. Field Trip 1
Advanced Technologies and Systems -Water Resources Operations Center- 
[Mr.Ji-Hyun Yun (WROC)]
International Water Analysis Center Profile 
[Dr.Jaewon Choi (IWAC)]
6. Field Trip 2
Dae-Cheong Multipurpose Dam  
Cheongju Water Supply Plant 
16th November 2005 (Wednesday)
7. Lecture on IWRM Tools 1
Water Accounting for Integrated Water Resources Management 
[Dr.Changsam Jeong (KOWACO)]
Rainfall Runoff Forecasting System 
[Dr. Woochang Jeong (KOWACO)]
8. Lecture on IWRM Tools 2
Water Quality Modeling System in IRWMS 
[Dr. Joonwoo Noh (KOWACO)]
Generals of Water Quality Modeling 
[Dr. Joonwoo Noh (KOWACO)]
9. Lecture on IWRM Tools 3
K-MODSIM DSS: Decision Support System for River Basin Management 
[Dr.Ick Hwan Ko (KICT)]
K-MODSIM DSS: Features and Application 
[Dr. Jin Hee Lee(KICT),Mr.Jaewon Kang(KOWACO),Mr.Seung Yup Rieu(KOWACO)]
10. Special Session
Report on NARBO Twinning Programs
Between JWA and Indonesia NARBO (PJT I & PJT II) 
[Mr.Hiroyuki Shindou (JWA)]
Between KOWACO and Indonesian NARBO  
[Mr.Herman Idrus (PJT II), Dr.Jeongkon Kim (KOWACO)]
17th November 2005 (Thursday)
11. Hands-on Training 1
Geum River Basin 
[Dr. Woochang Jeong (KOWACO)]
12. Hands-on Training 2
Rainfall Runoff Forecasting System Exercise 
[Dr. Woochang Jeong and Kyongsik Ryoo (KOWACO)]
13. Hands-on Training 3
Tutorial of QUAL2E-Plus 
[Dr. Joonwoo Noh (KOWACO)]
14. Hands-on Training 4
K-MODSIM DSS: Exercise 
[Dr. Jin Hee Lee (KICT), Dr. Jaewon Kang (KOWACO), Mr. Seung Yup Rieu (KOWACO)]